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Project Gallery

 Villa Pool-Side Decking
 Waterfront Rest Area Decking
 Garden Decking
 Seating Area
 Rest Platform Decking
 Rest Platform Decking
 (Above-fish Pond) Decking
 (Pool-side Rest Area) Decking
 Balcony Decking
 Waterfront Rest Area Decking
 DIY Deck Tile
 Tent House Flatform Decking
 Patio For Mobile Home
 Wall Panel
 Wall Cladding
 Lower Planter
 Arch Gate
 Single-Column Gazebo
 Garden Shed
 Mashrabiya Window
Wood + PP (Polypropylene) Composite
Higher Temperature Tolerance (-40℃ ~ 75℃)
Anti-UV, Water / Corrosion Resistant (USA ASTM)
Non toxic (European REACH (SVHC) and Fire-retardant (European EN 13501)
Years' Experience
Engineers in tech department (From Taiwan, China / Singarpore) have over 15 years' experience in the production and R&D of WPC materials combining WPC Technology from Japan and Germany.
PP WPC Material
Can be made into decking board / siding board / wall panel / fence panel / handrail , pavilions, gazebos, cabin, pet house, leisure tables and chairs, planter boxes, garbage bins, or as building decoration materials for both indoors and outdoors.

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