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About Us

Shianco Composite Materials' locates in (Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China), is one of the wholly-owned subsidiaries of Xishan Furniture Group which was established in 1998. We have a 7,000sqm workshop, and 18 extrusion lines, which are ready for mass production of different WPC decking or profiles. Engineers in tech department have over 15 years' experience in the production and R&D of WPC materials.

Main products: (Wood + PP Composite) PP-WPC material, which can be made into decking board / siding board / cladding / fence / handrail, pavilions, gazebos, outdoor tables and chairs, planters / flower boxes, garbage bins, or as building decoration materials.
By adopting polymer fusion technology to mix raw materials of biomass (rice husk, wood bran) with a certain proportion of PP (polypropylene) and appropriate additives, the extrusion lines eventually forms our (Wood + PP Composite) PP-WPC materials, which is non-formaldehyde, 100% recyclable, water resistant, acid or alkali resistant, anti-mold, anti-termite, anti-UV, and works under (-40℃ ~ 75℃) , with at least 15 years of service life.

Material Advantages


PP wood plastic, at present, the only stable mass production in China, the rest of the market are PE wood plastic /PVC wood plastic. Our PP wood plastic withstand higher temperature (PP wood plastic 75 degrees, PE wood plastic 60 degrees, PVC wood plastic 40 degrees), longer life (project measured at least 10 years). The material inside and outside is consistent, non-double-layer co-extrusion, and the double-layer co-extrusion time is long and the delamination cracking. And has the EU Reach (SVHC) 225 kinds of hazardous substances testing certificate and the EU EN13501 flame retardant B-s1 class certificate), the domestic wood plastic is difficult to obtain the certificate.

Necessary Selling Point

 Outdoor No Deformation
 No Fading

Differentiating Selling Points

More resistant to high temperature ( 75 degrees, adapt to Southeast Asia, Middle East climate), more durable (at least 10 years +), more like wood (wood look, wood feel, non-plastic feeling)


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Foshan Shunde Shianco Composite Materials Co., Ltd.
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One of the wholly-owned subsidiaries of Xishan Furniture Group which was established in 1998.
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